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Sports Therapy
A comprehensive assessment of your symptoms, a thorough explanation of your diagnosis and the appropriate tailored treatment to get you on the road to recovery.
Home rehabilitation exercises and stretches will likely be prescribed to help get you back doing what you love most.

Treatment may consist of:
Peripheral and spinal joint mobilisations, exercise rehabilitation, body and postural assessment and correction, deep tissue massage, soft tissue release, muscle activation, METs, stretching techniques, TENS, taping and strapping, kinesiology taping.
45 min appointment
Sport Massage
A focus treatment of sports massage to help reduce the effect of stresses put onto the musculoskeletal system. It is a long established and very effective therapy used for the relief of pain, swelling, muscle spasm and restricted movement.
Benefits include:
Reduces post physical activity soreness, helps to correct postural malalignments, aids recovery, reduces the risk of injury, helps to maintain flexibility, reduces stress, reduces muscular tension and pain, boosts immune system, and reduces blood pressure.
45 min treatment
Other Services
Sports Taping
Taping a muscle or a joint can commonly be used as part of treatment, to provide support during exercise and to prevent sport injuries from occurring. An appointment can be made for the application of tape. A brief assessment will be required to establish the purpose of the taping, additionally some advice will be given to help recovery. Please contact us for more information about booking.
Muscle Imbalance Screening
Whether you are aware of an existing issue, recognise a problem but not its cause, or want to improve how you move and perform in your work or sports activities, our screening service will look at your movement patterns and identify areas to change by offering recommendations to help you improve.
Business Services
At AR Sports Therapy, we are proud to be working closely with local sports clubs and employers to provide tailored sports therapy benefits to their members and employees at discounted rates.
We aim to provide a tailored service package to all our partners and their members, whether it is occupational posture assessments for optimal functioning at your desk in the workplace, weekly on-site assessment and treatment sessions, or sporting event support.

We are happy to discuss and plan with you the most effective way to support your needs.
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We request that you please give 48 hours notice if you cannot attend your scheduled appointment slot.
Cancellations of less than 48 hours will result in a set fee of £15 will be charged.
Missed appointments will be charged at the full appointment cost.